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Your Gifts At Work

We are thankful for those who have made an estate gift to the Visiting Nurse Association of Texas. Learn more about how their gifts have made an impact.

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Helping People Age With Dignity, Independence at Home

At the heart of VNA’s superior care are the human connections we foster, empowering those we serve to live life to the fullest. We have several tools to help you develop a plan for your future so that you can fully enjoy life as you age in place.

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A Longtime Love of Oak Cliff

VNA Meals on Wheels client Marie is a steadfast, spunky presence in her Oak Cliff neighborhood. Marie has lived in Oak Cliff since the 1960s.

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Children’s Haven Pediatric Hospice Program Completes First Year of Pilot Program

The goal of VNA Children’s Haven is to help children and their families navigate the hospice journey with grace and compassion. See how it has made a difference for Chloe and her loved ones.

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'I'm Just Blessed'

The Dallas native is also without transportation and relies on ride-share programs to get him to doctors' appointments. "I just spent $60 last week getting back and forth from a doctor's appointment," Brad says. He hopes to be approved for the DART Paratransit Services program soon.

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Carrying on the Tradition of Giving

An avid reader and warm, fatherly figure to many, Roger Horchow was well known and much loved. A published author and honorary recipient of the Yale University Doctorate of Humane Letters, Roger won two Tony Awards following his distinguished career in retail.

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The Music Man

Walking up the steps of a small home near Bachman Lake, a meal in his hands destined for the man inside, VNA Meals on Wheels volunteer Ned Startzel sings a few lines from a song that was popular when men wore hats and the newest Humphrey Bogart movie was the big draw at the box office. For Ned, they're the latest notes in a life set to music.

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Your Support in Action: Providing a Higher Level of Care for Vulnerable Seniors

VNA is uniquely positioned to offer a full continuum of care for older adults in North Texas. Having served hungry, homebound seniors with Meals on Wheels since 1973, and provided compassionate hospice care since 1978, VNA now offers the first Medicare-sponsored, home-based palliative care program in the region.

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A Life of Courage

Imagining living until the age of 100 may seem difficult to some. Imagine meeting your centennial birthday, remembering a life lived with tenacity, compassion and in dedication of service to others. For one special VNA Hospice patient, this has been her life.

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Music is the Voice of the Soul

VNA Hospice Care helps patients live life to their fullest. Our program provides a holistic system of care including medical, psychological, social and spiritual support for the terminally ill and their families. The care is designed to control pain, manage symptoms and provide emotional support.

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Volunteers Are a Lifeline for Homebound Seniors

In a cozy apartment in South Dallas, you’ll find VNA Meals on Wheels client George using his walker to slowly make his way to his door to greet his friendly delivery volunteer. They exchange smiles, chat about the cold weather and George thanks her for stopping by.

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Sometimes Even Heroes Need a Helping Hand!

On the edge of the Richardson/Dallas line, 72-year-old Larry sits in his small apartment. When you meet Larry, you are immediately struck by his warm and joyful personality. Meals on Wheels volunteer Holly delivers his meal—Dijon turkey breast with cheesy mashed potatoes, broccoli, a dinner roll, an apple and milk.

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Delivering Joy

Every other Tuesday, you’ll find Kenny delivering for VNA Meals on Wheels. Now in his ninth year, Kenny drives 75 miles—one way—just to deliver meals. He goes above and beyond, bringing clients water and extra homemade treats. Each treat has a special recipe: sugar and gluten free and made with extra love for each of his deliveries.

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VNA Meals on Wheels Provides Food and Friendship

Vera was born and raised in Waco, Texas. In 1943, she relocated to Dallas to become a nurse. She enjoyed helping others and giving back to the community by feeding the homeless through her church. When she was younger, Vera loved to travel, fondly recalling great memories of her travels around the globe visiting Jordan, Hawaii, Jerusalem and her favorite, Rome.

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The Gifts of Hospice

VNA has a long tradition serving our most vulnerable neighbors in North Texas through our Meals on Wheels and Hospice Programs. The goal of VNA Hospice Care is to ensure quality care and compassionate support for medically appropriate patients and their families regardless of access to insurance or ability to pay.

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VNA Cares for Hurricane Harvey Evacuee

James was always the caretaker. With his family, at his church, and at work he was always taking care of others. Originally from Opelousas, Louisiana, James worked for the city of Beaumont for 15 years, maintaining the roads. He is also a dedicated member of his church, helping take care of other members in need. That's why when James became the one who needed taking care of, it was a difficult transition.

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Thankful for the Heroes in Lisa’s Life

Fifteen years ago, Misty’s life went from pure joy to despair in a matter of minutes when her infant son suffered a traumatic brain injury. It was her mom, Lisa, who saved her son by performing CPR. Misty refers to her mother as her hero and inspiration. Now it is the daugher’s turn to be a hero for her mom.

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VNA Was There for Judy

Judy’s courage and bravery sustained her over her many years battling cancer at a young age. Following her admission to hospice in mid-October 2016, Judy spent her days surrounded by neighbors, friends and family despite her difficulty with communication. Judy was young, only in her 50s and suffered from cancer of the larynx. It was difficult for her to speak and to be heard. Despite the challenge, she was able to enjoy TV, coloring and completing word searches when she wasn't resting.

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