Delivering Joy

Kenny and client

Kenny finds great satisfaction in helping his “extended family,” delivering meals and joy.

Every other Tuesday, you’ll find Kenny delivering for VNA Meals on Wheels. Now in his ninth year, Kenny drives 75 miles—one way—just to deliver meals. He goes above and beyond, bringing clients water and extra homemade treats. Each treat has a special recipe: sugar and gluten free and made with extra love for each of his deliveries.

When Ms. Willie answers the door and sees Kenny, her face is beaming with a large smile on her face. She hugs Kenny to thank him for the extras that he brings. “I love Kenny!” Ms. Willie says with excitement. “I look forward to seeing him. I wish I could see him every day!” Over the years, Kenny has developed a special bond with Ms. Willie and his clients.

“I got involved with VNA because I didn’t have much growing up, but we were always taught to give back. These clients are like my family. They need help and I’m here to give back,” says Kenny. “Another one of my clients, Greg, struggled to get to the doctor for back problems. I walked in one day, and there he was laying on the floor. He said he couldn’t make it to the doctor because he didn’t have money for a taxi cab. That’s not right. I told him to not cancel his appointments, I would personally take him. These people are like my family. They need help and I am here to give back.”

Kenny isn’t just delivering a meal. He’s delivering hope, he’s delivering a smile to brighten someone’s day, and he’s delivering a lot of love.

Join Kenny in delivering joy to seniors and our “extended family.” View ways to get involved here or discover ways to give a lasting gift. Contact Chris Culak at or (214) 689-2601 with any questions you may have.