VNA Cares for Hurricane Harvey Evacuee

James and Chris

James and Chris

James was always the caretaker. With his family, at his church, and at work he was always taking care of others. Originally from Opelousas, Louisiana, James worked for the city of Beaumont for 15 years, maintaining the roads. He is also a dedicated member of his church, helping take care of other members in need. That's why when James became the one who needed taking care of, it was a difficult transition.

Just before Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast of Texas, James had fallen and broken his hip. As he lay in the hospital, he received devastating news: the doctors had found cancer. James was extremely independent up until this point; he loved to walk and be outside as much as possible, he cooked, and took care of things around the house. James with his son, Chris, decided it was best to begin service with hospice.

He had just returned home from the hospital when warnings for Hurricane Harvey were issued. James and Chris waited inside their home in Beaumont for three days before they were evacuated to the first shelter at Lamar University. When that shelter had to be evacuated as well, James and Chris were flown to Dallas and taken to the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. Now he has lost not only his independence, but his home, his belongings, his memories.

When VNA learned of James' situation, our team quickly sprang into action, enrolling him in the VNA hospice program, delivering much-needed medical equipment like a hospital bed, making sure James' medications were in order and providing the kindness, comfort and care VNA Hospice is known for. Chris has been extremely grateful for the assistance from VNA, "It's a blessing," he says.

With the assistance of the Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Fund, in addition to receiving VNA Hospice Care, James and Chris are also receiving daily Meals on Wheels. The dedicated staff of VNA Hospice Care continue to assist James, and although we cannot replace what has been lost, we will continue to provide the compassionate support he needs most.

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