VNA Meals on Wheels Provides Food and Friendship

Vera and Alysse

Vera and Alysse

In a home in South Dallas, Meals on Wheel client, Vera, and program volunteer, Alysse, meet with VNA to tell us their story.

Vera was born and raised in Waco, Texas. In 1943, she relocated to Dallas to become a nurse. She enjoyed helping others and giving back to the community by feeding the homeless through her church. When she was younger, Vera loved to travel, fondly recalling great memories of her travels around the globe visiting Jordan, Hawaii, Jerusalem and her favorite, Rome.

Retired and losing her vision, Vera called on VNA Meals on Wheels to help. Now fully blind, she spoke of her struggles before receiving meals.

“I could prepare a meal in the microwave, but now that it isn’t even safe anymore,” she says.

Alysse met Vera six years ago, when Vera became a VNA Meals on Wheels client and Alysse began volunteering.

“I got involved with VNA because I wanted to volunteer with an organization where you can actually see the impact you’re making,” Alysse says. “Vera opened her home to me; she was so friendly and wanted me to come and sit with her to talk. She doesn’t have children of her own, and I feel now as if I am her child,” Alysse glowingly describes.

Vera smiles, adding: “I look forward to all my Meals on Wheels deliveries, but Alysse is special. She helps me feel not so lonely. She’s like my daughter.”

The love and companionship shared between the two is touching. Once strangers and now more like family.

Join Alysse in providing food and friendship by giving of your time and treasure. Get involved or discover the many ways you can make a future gift by contacting Chris Culak at or (214) 689-2601 today.