VNA Was There for Judy

Judy PirtleJudy’s courage and bravery sustained her over her many years battling cancer at a young age. Following her admission to hospice in mid-October 2016, Judy spent her days surrounded by neighbors, friends and family despite her difficulty with communication. Judy was young, only in her 50s and suffered from cancer of the larynx. It was difficult for her to speak and to be heard. Despite the challenge, she was able to enjoy TV, coloring and completing word searches when she wasn't resting.

Judy was below the Medicare age and did not have any insurance. VNA was there for her and provided her hospice care free of cost. While Judy could have had more than one visit a week from her VNA nurse, Emily, she requested to be seen only once each week. Judy appreciated her space, but kept in touch with Emily frequently via phone calls and most often, text messages. The two became close and Emily has a soft spot in her heart for Judy.

"I asked Judy what VNA meant to her and she said simply, 'Help.'" Emily says. "She was so appreciative and such a fighter."

When Judy started with hospice, it was important to her to have her financial affairs in order prior to her passing to spare her daughter the worry. With the help of a legal services grant from VNA, Judy was able to finalize her will. "It brought her a lot of peace," Emily says. "She didn't want her daughter to have any obstacles."

Emily and the many VNA team members who worked with Judy provided her with the quality end-of-life care Judy desired and needed despite her lack of insurance. "I am blessed I was able to be a part of the care we provided her and that we had the resources," Emily says. "She said without VNA she would have had nothing." Judy passed away in the home she loved following months of life the way she wanted it: at home, at peace and with her loved ones.

Make a Difference

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