Volunteers Are a Lifeline for Homebound Seniors


Your gifts to VNA give homebound seniors like George more than meals.

In a cozy apartment in South Dallas, you’ll find VNA Meals on Wheels client George using his walker to slowly make his way to his door to greet his friendly delivery volunteer. They exchange smiles, chat about the cold weather and George thanks her for stopping by.

A Dallas native, George talks about how he loved to go fishing, bowling and to watch sports when he was younger. In fact, he met his late wife nearly 30 years ago at a bowling tournament. “The key to a great relationship is to really get to know one another and mean it when you tell them you love them,” George shares. “It’s also important to just agree and tell your wife she’s right,” he adds with a chuckle.

Now a widower and living alone, George is grateful for the food, friendship and safety checks provided by VNA. Recently, George suffered a fall during the weekend and couldn’t get to the phone to call for help. He was stranded the entire weekend. On Monday, the Meals on Wheels volunteer came to deliver George’s meal, but when he didn’t answer the door, the volunteer became concerned and called 911.

“I was laying there and then I heard the familiar knock and volunteer saying, ‘Meals on Wheels!’” he says. “I am the luckiest man in the world because Meals on Wheels came to help. It’s such a great organization. You might not know it, but the supporters are helping a lot of people who are alone and can’t cook, like myself.”

When you volunteer or donate to VNA Meals on Wheels, you’re delivering more than just a meal—you’re delivering a lifeline to our homebound, vulnerable neighbors like George.

You can provide the comfort of a healthy meal and warm smile to homebound seniors like George—and it won’t cost you anything today. Learn how to make a gift in your will to VNA Meals on Wheels by contacting Chris Culak at (214) 689-2601 or culakc@vnatexas.org today.