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Legacy Society

Legacy Society reception

Membership in the Legacy Society is available to anyone who includes VNA or the VNA Foundation as a beneficiary in a will, trust or other deferred gift such as a 401(k) plan. Once VNA has received your confirmation of intent to name VNA/VNA Foundation as a beneficiary, you will receive your letter of welcome to the Legacy Society.

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Join fellow VNA supporters on Giving Docs, a safe, secure and free-for-life suite of estate plan essentials. If you choose to include VNA in your estate plans, you'll be eligible for the Legacy Society benefits!

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What are the Benefits of Membership in the Legacy Society?

The greatest benefit is the personal joy of knowing that your gifts will ensure that VNA is able to help the elderly, the ill, the disabled and the dying. You will receive a welcoming gift in honor of your commitment and periodic invitations to special events sponsored by VNA. With your permission, you will be listed as a Legacy Society member in VNA publications.

Legacy Society Members

Mrs. Presley Peters
Mr. Robert Marshall Brackbill
Mr. Robert Jatner
Mrs. Meaders Moore Ozarow
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ricciardelli
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Dunning
Mrs. Val Imm Bashour
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Deen
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Newsome
Dr. Georgia Caraway
Estate of Alberta Gail Hubbard *
Estate of Lynn Hardesty Dews *
Estate of Ruby Floyd Wynne *
Estate of William V. Mays *
Frank C. Carter *
Leonard W. Harper *
Lottye Brodsky Lyle, PhD
Martha C. Click *
Mr. Alvin T. Mays *
Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Smoot
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest E. Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Kinkade
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Wallis
Mr. and Mrs. James W. McGehee
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Chiles
Mr. and Mrs. Norwood Cheairs *
Mr. and Mrs. Pomeroy Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Enloe
Mr. Arthur M. Rigg
Mr. Dana Heter, Jr.
Mr. E. C. Harper *
Mr. Galan W. Freise *
Mr. Kim A. Cady
Mr. Melvin H. Vancil
Mr. Nace M. Clifford *
Mr. Raymond C. Huffer *
Mr. Thomas M. Hunt *
Mrs. Betty S. Regard
Mrs. Betty Worley-Frasch*
Mrs. Concepcion G. Davidson *
Mrs. Helen M. Watkins *
Mrs. Helen Snyder *
Mrs. Josephine Huguenin *
Mrs. Judy Walker Duck
Mrs. Laverne B. Huckaby *
Mrs. Lena M. Biser *
Mrs. Lucile L. West *
Mrs. Mitch Jericho
Mrs. Nancy Latner
Mrs. Roberta B. Harper *
Mrs. Roberta Donsbach *
Mrs. Rosemary Elizondo
Mrs. Susan C. Griffin *
Mrs. Susan Stone Poteet
Ms. Anna R. Kohlbeck *
Ms. Jo A. Kimberlin *
Ms. Lanie M. Lovvorn *
Ms. Leta Parks *
Ms. Marlyn Savage
Ms. Olive Hardin *
Ms. Sara Fraser Crismon
Ms. Shirley E. Kochman
Ms. Yvonne A. Evans *
Nancy L. Griffin *
Pattie Desimone *
Y. J. Elizondo *
Anonymous (13)

Charter Members

Ms. Shannon Cox
Dr. and Mrs. Clare D. Edman
Miss Lyda Hill
Mr. Bernard Joseph
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry P. Knippa
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lutz
Mr. and Mrs. Rex Spivey
Ms. Mary C. Steele Suther
Mr. C. Albert Tatum, III
Mr. and Mrs. Max B. Vernon
Mrs. Dee Wadsworth
Mrs. Joy Young
Bette C. Schuttler *
Ms. Ruth Sielaff *

*Indicates deceased