Music is the Voice of the Soul

patient receiving music therapy

VNA Hospice Care helps patients live life to their fullest. Our program provides a holistic system of care including medical, psychological, social and spiritual support for the terminally ill and their families. The care is designed to control pain, manage symptoms and provide emotional support.

VNA’s Music Therapy Program is one of many ways patients and families receive this care. Through the purposeful use of music, our board-certified music therapist helps to increase communication and relaxation for the patient, facilitate reminiscence and coping for families, and enhance the quality of life for patients as well as their loved ones. Patients often experience improvement in their ability to recall memories as well as their loved ones in ways they could not before music therapy.

This highly valuable program is not covered by Medicare or private insurance and VNA does not charge a fee for this vital service. It is only through your generous support that we are able to extend this important care to patients.

Watch this touching video of our music therapists helping an Alzheimer’s patient find joy.

Provide Care to Those in Need

To learn how you can help support valuable VNA programs like music therapy, contact Chris Culak at or (214) 689-2601.